Neal Ludevig

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I’m a producer, curator, environmentalist, artist, and entrepreneur based in Harlem, focused on amplifying socially-conscious artist voices. I'm currently the CEO of Moon31, an agency all about experiences that bring people together in innovative, unique ways. Through art, storytelling, shows, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, dinners, and more, Moon31 aims to create platforms for meaningful conversation that tackle the important issues of today, that circle around sustainability, LGBT advocacy, community building, civil rights, and gender equality. 

I'm interested in volunteering because these kinds of opportunities - those that foster connection, what we need most right now - is what my work is about! Supporting these kinds of initiatives illustrates my belief in this kind of work.

More importantly, RXR, and the Centre for Social Innovation is a community near and dear to my heart. Volunteering isn't even a question - happy to help out a community that makes me feel great and one that I call home!