Mathew Hazan

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Tax Controversy Manager

After the shelter in place order was issued, I became a 24/7 crisis manager. With over decade of experience dealing with both IRS and State tax issues (collections and audits), I started to receive countless calls and e-mails from people with serious concerns. Both clients and non-clients would contact me about their ongoing situation as most accountants do not understand IRS and State audit and collection processes. Many of these taxpayers were devastated, and speaking to someone who could provide guidance was a great relief. I am
also well educated (in a very quick time) on the various relief programs for small businesses including SBA loans, Payroll Tax Credits, IRS and State Tax relief policies and PUA for self-employed individuals. There is a lot of misinformation and bad advice going around. I take pride in being able to give accurate information and providing official publications which explain my positions. I will not fill out any applications (Loan, UI, Tax, etc) as I do not have the time and am working with a remote staff. I also cannot accept new clients at this time, but am willing to consult by phone with small business owners or individuals in need of assistance. Primarily issues relating to IRS or NYS audits
and collections. I can advise taxpayers on what to do if they cannot keep to a current payment arrangement or have other tax-related hardships. I can also briefly explain to self-employed individuals how PUA works and complications such as SCorp owners who did not take payroll.

I would prefer to deal with less with people looking for loans and grants, as it takes more time than I can offer right now.