Lawrence Jay Thaul

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Business Development Executive

Having founded, grown, and sold my own insurance and financial services company I fully understand the challenges and need for trusted, good advice. As a mentor since Westchester County's Element 46 program began and as an instructor to the NYS Society of CPAs I have the experience to assist in the following areas:

*Designing the right benefits program from a wide selection amidst a sea of regulation
*Taking the small but necessasry steps necessary to attract and retain those who will build your organization
*Guarding your principal and ensuring that all stakeholders - investors, partners and all employees - have the best possible arrangement

The satisfaction I receive when a firm makes strides towards self-sufficiency and growth makes me extremely glad to help out. Given the challenges presented by the pandemic it is absolutely essential that entrepreneurs and founders receive the soundest advice available. Add to my lifetime of contacts and the state of the art resources of Ascela Partners and you'll be in good hands in my subject area expertise: Employee Benefits and Human Capital Management.



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