Jodia Vanel

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CEO & Founder

NESVANMAR LLC is a management consulting and project management firm focused on strategic planning and execution of government, private and public projects. During this pandemic, it is very important to support small businesses around the USA with a focus on New York and communities of color. Small businesses are seeking various resources to help them survive and pivoted their business during and after a crisis. As the Founder of NESVANMAR, I volunteer my services in any capacity to small businesses seeking help during this time (i.e following up on their MWBE certifications , reviewing current services and developing a crisis and recovery plan, consulting on business development opportunities and using our social media platforms to disseminate small business and government information to the public. I have also created a video series called Biz Talks where we highlight small businesses during this pandemic. Volunteering is in the fabric of what we do and we are here to serve in ANY capacity.